Michigan native Andrea Felicia Chin, Teacher in Special Education, MA and aspiring Songwriter (FROZEN ROSES) received the honor of being named Finalist by the Song of the Year Songwriting Contest. Song of the Year is an international songwriting contest supporting VH-1’s Save the Music Foundation. The Song of the Year judges are some of the biggest names in the music industry including many Grammy Award winners.

"Song of the Year is excited to recognize Andrea for her exceptional songwriting ability for the song NO WAY. Andrea competed against songwriters from all over the world for this honor. When asked what inspired the song Andrea commented that “My mother , Josephine who adopted my twin sister and I “ She taught me what true unconditional love is. To Believe in and Love someone and let NOTHING change that.” Andrea also received a “HONORABLE MENTION” in Billboard Magazine ‘s World Songwriting Contest for the song, NO WAY."

Currently, Andrea is concentrating on her songwriting, “...I hope and pray like any serious songwriting to write that number hit song that will reach all people at all places in life in a meaningful way.” My goal/dream  is to have at least one of my songs recorded by one of my many inspirations . To work together on something that is Real with genuine meaning behind it.

Growing up, and still to this day one, of my main influence are Hall & Oates. That acclaimed duo in my opinion posses “true talent” then and today. In both their writing ability and presence. Other influences from childhood and up until TODAY includes Rick Springfield, (My Twin sister, #1 LOVE) Prince, Culture Club, Pat Bentar, The Police, Matchbox Twenty, Eminem, Howie Day, Tracy Chapman, Maroon 5 , Pink, Red, Skillet, NKOTB, Candle Light Red, We As Human, Weaving The Fate & CROSSFADE to name just  a few ... ;)  But Andrea states that there are three "Special Mentions" that have a special place in her heart. They include; Alex Band, (formally of THE CALLING), Alex Band can be checked out at www.Alexband.net.  Alex was one of the rare few artist who took time to listen to a dream. Alex's constructive evaluation of one of my songs pushed me into the direction I needed to begin this dream. I am so grateful to him for this ! A true person and artist !! The next mention is Les Hall of www.Crossfadeband.com. Les is a talented Multi -instrumentalist and a total sweet heart !! After I saw Les play his guitar, I have been a guitar playing junkie ever since ! I am first a keyboard writing songwriter but I love playing the guitar and coming up with cool riffs and improvising… “ LES is the REASON I play guitar !” and Last but not Least, Jeff Backe (Berkley Music, in Berkeley, MI) my “world's best” Guitar & Music theory teacher. He supports me to be the Best that I can be with my guitar & Helps make all the music in my head click. Also, Jack Pitt ( Guitar & Music Theory Teacher), THANKS for Believing in me & Making me Special.

I also want to mention a Huge “Thanks” to Jim Waye at Motown Studios in Ferndale, Michigan for my Beautiful and AMAZING Photos www.foxstudios.net  and Misha at NorWest Designs www.norwestdesigns.com for my AMAZING CD ART and WEB PAGE !! Totally the BEST in their fields.

Last but Not Least , my Awesome producer Simone Sello at www.musicdemoproducer.com for giving my songs Life and direction in the studio production of my songs.

My future plans are to keeping on learning all I can about music, playing guitar and writing songs. I would love to get some of my mentors, if just ONE to record one of my songs. That would be a dream come TRUE !! I also plan to learn more about computer music, Like Logic and Pro Tools. I believe in them being an aid in the music process NOT the whole process. Natural talent still RULES !!!

Most of all I just want to enjoy where ever my music goals takes me ! YEAH !!


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